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There will only ever be one of you. You're amazing. You're unique. The likelihood of your existence is so incredibly small that it's a wonder you are here. But here you are. And that is worth stopping, taking a breath and thinking about.

I hope you're having a good day and feeling as well as you can today. Not for any reason. Don't worry. I'm not trying to sell you anything. It just feels like the time to put positive messages out into the universe.

So, thank you for being one of those lovely people who are putting out good into the world; thinking of others and - in doing so - holding together the fragile fibres of this beautiful, physical, 'real life' social tapestry that we're all protected by. Please keep doing it: it's appreciated.

You are one of the sacred custodians of our society. And your digital grand-children will thank you for it someday - because you will have taught them how to make eye contact with complete strangers; how to ask for something politely; how to thank a person sincerely. And they will teach their grand-children.


And, in a world that is becoming increasingly frustrated and disconnected, it's nice to remember these little things. They show that the person believes in the importance of something bigger than themselves. That they are thinking of others - before themselves. Asking permission from others. Showing appreciation for others' efforts. Taking the effort to make tiny, little connections with strangers - to bring a smile.

Thank you.

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